Interesting Facts About Bruno Mars

This time I want to discuss some interesting facts about my greatest Idol, Bruno Mars. Previously I want to share about the profile of Bruno Mars. The Holder American singer was born in Hawaii on 8 October 1985. Bruno,  whose real name is Peter Gene Hernandez, first began his career in 2006, when he decided to pursue her dream as a singer with a way to move to Los Angeles, and he became acquainted with Aaron Bay Schuck, who later became his manager and offered a contract under his guidance “Atlantic Records”. Originally Bruno Mars more often to create a song for a famous singer one Flo Rida and Sean Kingston.

Bruno Mars Photo

Bruno Mars Photo

Bruno’s debut as singer that when he duets with Travie McCoy Billionaire song that became hits in many countries, including Indonesia. One of the final songs Bruno which makes it the best singer to win many trophies at the music event in America, even outside the United States that song Just The Way You Are. Bruno Mars songs became hits and obtaining entry on the billboard charts. Now I want to give know some facts about Bruno Mars , what ever it is , let’s check this out !

The original name Bruno Mars is Peter Gene Hernandez bayot. As we know, Bruno Mars not including the man with the ideal height of the woman, but it’s not the same influential career and fortune in the world of entertainment. He was born in an area in Hawaii named Waikiki.  Not just a singer, Bruno Mars also good at playing several musical instruments such as drums, guitar, piano and bass.

Bruno has also written several songs for famous singers such as BOB, Flo Rida, Cee Lo Green, Travie McCoy and  His stage name are now (Bruno Mars) originally inspiration of a chubby wrestler named Bruno Samartino, because as a child Bruno really chubby, while Mars first name because he wanted addition of  pizzazz behind his name, and the girls used to call “not part of the earth” which means Mars. Bruno Mars is a descendant of the Philippines and Puerto Rico.

As a child, he was nicknamed Little Elvis. Before embarking on a musical career, Bruno produced several songs for another celebrity joint production team, The Smeezingtons. Inspired musical career of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley! Both his parents first, and meet in a show-where his mother as Hula dancer and his father percussionist. He was nominated in seven categories at the Grammy Awards, and came out as the winner in the category of Best Pop Male with hits Just the Way You Are.

At the age of 4 years, he has begun to roll out music performances dive 5 days a week with his family musical group he called Love Notes. The Favorite song of all songs hers is Count On Me.  Bruno’s favorite food is Chicken Adobo, which is typical Filipino food. Grenade song ever won a few weeks 100 Billboard charts. Bruno comes from a large family, where he has six brothers, Bruno was arrested for possession of cocaine in Vegas on September 2010. Bruno liked tattoos, she has 4 tattoos on his body, one of the tattoo is the name of the mother. His favorite color is dark red. Well, it’s a few facts and profiles of Bruno Mars, For the fans of Bruno Mars at the same like me, do not forget to check for my next post.